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Fibromyownspa! An exciting new and very much needed unique boutique, designed to encourage and support fellow Fibromyalgia Warriors to be inspired to design and create their very own, home 'Day Spa'.


FibroMyOwnSpa ?

Fibro My Own Spa? Yes, it's your very own Boutique Fibromyalgia Spa Store. 
At FibroMyOwnSpa, we’re all about old school service and bespoke merchandise and product packages, tailored to suit.
We source exactly what you need, work with our suppliers to get the best possible pricing, and pass our savings along to you. 
Come and explore our online store today!

Our Natural or Holistix Product Ranges

Your Bespoke Home Spa Package Service.

FibroMyOwnSpa sources two types of products for spa purposes.  All of our products are made from the best combination of natural ingredients.

If you would like a bespoke home spa package tailored to your specific needs, do get in touch for recommendations.  We do offer a personal shopper service upon completion of a questionnaire. 

We also offer a wide-ranging collection of products infused with CBD which we have rebranded as 'Holistix'.  Please read our news articles and conduct further research to learn about the benefits of CBD for Fibromyalgia.

Please note: we cannot provide any form of medical advice, and you should read any instructions.  Some products may require consultation with your medical practitioner before use.

Meet  Your 'FibroMyOwnSpa' Squad


Each FibroMyOwnSpa  team member is on hand for bookings, consultations, or general support where required.

 Maz M. (Fibro Warrior)

Founder / Researcher

FibroMyOwnSpa Television


FibroMyOwnSpa Television is our dedicated fibromyalgia YouTube Channel featured right here on this site.  Check out the channel sample featured below, or CLICK THE BUTTON to head straight to the Channels page.  Other channels include  TREATMENT, PAIN, DIET, &  FITNESS

Fibromyalgia News Updates

Fibromyalgia...Read All About it

Keeping up with current affairs related to fibromyalgia is important.  New treatments, methods of diagnosis, medication updates, and changes in law are just a few examples.  This section will be updated often, so do check regularly for news, articles, and press updates.  Thank you for visiting.

CBD for Fibromyalgia

It is Effective,  Safe, or Legal?

This is a very useful article to read if you are considering using CBD for your fibromyalgia for the first time. 
The article covers aspects such as what CBD oil is, research into CBD for fibromyalgia, any reported side effects, and whether it is legal.

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