How did the Fibro Fabulous Club & the FibroMyOwnSpa Store Come about exactly?

The Saga So Far...

 I welcome you to FibroMyOwnSpa, a bespoke wellness boutique and members' club for fibromyalgia warriors worldwideThe aim of this brand is to provide wellbeing products and services, fellowship, support and encouragement, and a holistic overview of living with Fibromyalgia.

Founder & Fibro Fabulous
Warrior Chief of the Fibro Fabulous Tribe; '
Maz Millz'.

The Saga So Far... an Introduction to My 'Fibro & Fabulous' Lifestyle Story

Fibromyalgia Syndrome is an extremely debilitating Chronic Illness, and FibroMyOwnSpa is a wordplay on the very condition I have fought for over 18 years. Despite this, I am known for having led a rather exciting, ambitious, and international lifestyle, which I simply outright refuse to lose to this condition. For the last few years, I would usually spend the worst of the UK winter months with a family member in Los Angeles, but for the final winter, before COVID-19 changed our lives forever, I remained in the UK. Spending that winter here was absolute physical torture. For years I had promised myself to change the winter weather full stop with the agony of the fibro during the cold months, it almost totally broke my spirit and that made it the last and final straw.

It was life or death, a choice fibromyalgia can ask you to make often.

I dreamt a dream of even just a little more normality in terms of mobility, relief from mental stress and depression, and more happiness and wellbeing in my day-to-day living. And I meant as a part of my overall life overhaul, not just for brief holidays, my will to live depended on it. So...I designed a 'Fibro & Fabulous 'lifestyle in Malaga Spain which is still pretty close to home, family, and work is a 2-hour flight away (pretty normal for a London commuter!, details in the blogs!).

The full medical term is 'Fibromyalgia Syndrome. A syndrome is many conditions under one umbrella medical condition, and fibromyalgia has... let's just say a few 100! I needed a RETREAT, a happy place that exists solely to cater to as many of these conditions as possible, that caters to chronic illnesses such as 'fibromyalgia syndrome'. I would then share this retreat for those fibro warriors who still lead near to normal lives between work, study, running a family, or those simply 'surviving the next 24' and paying bills.


With chronic pain keeping my Eye on the prize 'the Retiro De Spa' saga so far is already one hell of a story. It has had a few predecessors (the building may change but the plan always remains) but it is where all roads lead in terms of 'The Big Picture' and the entire journey will be shared right here with you​When I considered that if most fibro warriors were anything like me, they can barely even leave the bedroom or lounge, let alone leave home, just like that...PING, FibroMyOwnSpa was manifested because being fibro and fabulous begins at home. Fibro warriors needed their own 'Happy Space' right there at home, as having fibro does not prevent one from being fabulous dhalings!

So whether it is a shelf in a shared house as you have to share a bathroom, or whether you're blessed with an en suite, whether it's a corner in your lounge or a garden shed, just create your own fibro zone to remind you, that you are not a part of your condition, your condition is a part of YOU, and not even fibro can rob you of your soul. I had to dedicate this blueprint to my Fellow Fibro Warriors Worldwide. Also, join us, tell your story, show us your spa ideas and plans, set up your profile NOW.

The Fibro & Fabulous lifestyle blogs & podcasts are about my own personal journey. My intention is to lead by example as shown with the project 'Sunshine Life & Career in Spain'. Each of the forum categories in the Fibro Fab club are areas I try to manage in my own well-being lifestyle plan or I am working hard to integrate into my own life, the magic word being 'consistent'. of course!


The '7 Steps to Fibro ZEN' represented by the member's lifestyle levels, is this Blueprint for a holistic life of complete wellbeing while living with fibromyalgia.  I earned the title 'Chief' because I am the chief of needing these thoughts, actions, and things in my life lol! This is the very personal, fun, fabulous journey I am sharing with you all.  



The Complete FIBRO & FABULOUS Lifestyle Plan.

Let's not just be ill, where there's a will, let's just be still...Fabulous!

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