Holistix Therapy Services

The aim of Holistix Therapy is to provide therapeutic and coaching services to enhance your quality of life by improving your lifestyle, getting rid of bad habits, and bringing an overall sense of wellbeing and balance into your life. 

Holistix Therapy also encourages the use of CBD in various forms and methods to promote overall health and wellbeing.

The Fibro Fabulous Service Collective Needs YOU!

The Fibro Fabulous Club Collective is to be made up of the following: 

Yoga Instructors; Massage Therapists; Mental Health Counsellors; Acupuncturists; Bio-Feedback Therapists; Dietitians & Nutritionists; Chinese Medicine Practitioners; Reiki Therapists; Health Care Providers; Hypnotherapists; Chiropractors; Tai Chi Practitioners; Holistic Skincare Specialists; Neutrophilic Doctors & Specialists; Herbalists; Reflexologists; & More. 
So if you have the skills or a business that can assist me to help us improve our quality of life, please email Maz@FibroFabulous.club