Bucket Hot Tub


Creating an Area of Wellness

Sometimes we fibro warriors have bad days, like terrible days.  Depression, anxiety, the range of symptoms can really take their toll.   Like this? You need a 'Fibro Zone', that special place at home that encourages you to focus on wellness.  Your Fibro Zone can be your bedroom, a dining area, a section of the lounge, a patch of the garden, a porch or a Juliet balcony. It can be a shelf or table which houses your mirror and your beauty box of makeup.

Fibro My Own Zone is about designing and creating an area of wellness.  After a good old home spa session, you can then retire to your fibro zone to maintain the feeling of wellness a spa session provides. 

A Fibro Zone needs to stimulate the senses to remind you your alive, aromatherapy, a fruit cocktail, the right ambience like a soundtrack or youtube video.  LED lights, mood lighting or candles are also vital for your zone. Last but not least, if you are blessed with an emotional support animal or any kind of pet, then they are the ultimate joy for your sense of touch or stimulation.  If you don't have a pet, consider your favourite fabrics such as silks, velvet, or faux furs.

Share your vision boards in the forum, share your journey with us as a member, and most important immerse yourself in your little happy place - Your Fibro Zone!