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Hello and welcome to your shopping guide page.  FibroMyOwnSpa is a bespoke megastore of essential fibromyalgia products, all under one digital roof. 

This guide will help you navigate and browse the 1000s of products right here in this store.

Utilise you wish list on the right of the screen.  If you have been waiting or searching for a particular product and you find it here?  Leave a review on that product, and return to us with your feedback.

The next main menu option tab is the FibroMyOwnSpa Holistix Range, my very extensive catalogue of the best quality CBD Infused Products.  


Therefore, below is the main (non-cbd related) FibroMyOwnSpa Collections Catalogue.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

So welcome to our product catalogue page.  This page is to assist you with your shopping experience here at FibroMyOwnSpa. The following is a list of the catalogue collections for our products.  They will lead you to the relevant collection featured within the selected category.  Once there, if you find a product you like has sold out, you may add it to your wishlist ready for your next visit. 


At FibroMyOwnSpa, we work hard to curate the perfect product catalogue to meet your creative needs.  We aim to have the most extensive collection of quality products provided all under one digital roof. 


We believe variety is the spice of life while you FibroMyOwnSpa or FibroYourOwnZone.  We have so much more to bring to the table in terms of the perfect products.  Do check the news section often to see any recent additions to the catalogue, or features on the next upcoming product updates.  Also, stay tuned for additional products, collections, and categories coming soon.

FibroMyOwnSpa is a bespoke shopping experience which is interactive.  This means we need your feedback, product requests, reviews, tell us everything.  We aim for your megastore to grow and develop alongside our relationship with you.  While we have provided the platform, guess who will really stock the store? Our prized and specially selected customer base of Fibromyalgia Warriors, your friends, family, loved ones, and workmates. 


While you familiarise yourself with the site, maybe you should make this page your starting point by bookmarking.

Your Browsing Catalogue Categories are; 


FibroMyOwnSpa   -  


Aromatherapy Soaps



Bags & Jutes


Zone Games   



Essential oils

Exotic Incense

Feng Shui

Fragrance Oils


 Hand Crafted Soaps

Handmade Soaps

Home Fragrance 


Kitchen Ware


Massage & Base Oils

Oil Burners

Oil Burner Range 

Olive Oil Artisan Soap


Simmering Granules

Soft Furnishings

Solid Shampoos

Stone Wear 

Wood Ware               


Don't forget that all categories are individual groups of collections, and that is besides all the variations of each product.  We really hope you relish your FibroMyOwnSpa Megastore browsing experience.  

Remember to join the FibroMyOwnSpaClub to share the entire journey of your personal project from start to finish.  


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