Holistic Health Practitioner

My name is Marie Mills, also affectionately known as ‘Maz’. I have been a sufferer of Fibromyalgia Syndrome for over 18 years, despite only being formally diagnosed in the summer of 2020 by a Rheumatologist. Finally getting diagnosed removed an enormous weight off my shoulders having felt like a hypochondriac for so long as fibromyalgia Syndrome has up to 200 symptoms. 


After having suffered from severe anxiety & depression from the prolonged undiagnosed, I had to decide to give my life a complete wellness overhaul or spend forever mourning the fabulous and active life this condition attempted to steal from me along with all my dreams such as becoming a barrister of law. After covid, I embraced myself, my life, and my condition and took action to still make the very best of life (e.g.by escaping to the many fantastic tropical climates I am so blessed to have at my disposal). Lockdown forced me to stop and completely reassess my life for the long term.


It is both my journey and my story, which motivates me to help others to manoeuvre through the mazes of life, with an overall sense of holistic health and wellbeing. The areas of coaching I specialise in are skills I have learnt and developed during managing my own challenges with my constant battle between ambition and chronic illness, each area being of which I consider myself at ‘Jedi' level in terms of life experience!



Holistic Health Practitioner & Lifestyle Coach:  Specialising in CBD Holistix Therapy, Holistic Life Coaching, & Sensory Healing.



CBD Therapies


– including - Face treatments, Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage, Body Wrap Treatments, Acupressure Massage, & CBD Coaching & Therapy.  I am also an advocate for the use of medicinal cannabis for chronic illness.  I am an active member of the Patient Working Group for P.L.E.A. (Patient Led Engagement for Access).



Coaching Services

– including - Advocacy, Student Support, Chronic illness, Work Life Wellness, Mindset Coaching, Transformation & Major Changes, Nutrition, Holistic Self-Help, & Spiritual Healing.


Sensory Healing & Coaching & Therapy (Bespoke Services & programmes)

Sight – Chromotherapy - (Colours) & Virtual Reality

Sound – The Science of Sound – Solfeggio Frequencies & Music Therapy

Smell – Aromatherapy & Frankincense Wellness

Energy – Crystal, Aura, & Chakra Healing & Reiki

Taste – CBD Therapy - (Food, Hot or Cold Drinks, & Candy).

I am extremely excited to be based at the Birmingham Holistic Centre to serve, network, and build my holistic practices over the long term. Exciting times are ahead! As a qualified teacher, I also look forward to hosting workshops, group sessions, classes, and courses at the centre in the future, so look out for announcements for those too here on the site. For those unable to get to the centre itself, I am available online and will provide content to project the centres energy digitally to aid with meditation and relaxation during home based sensory therapy.